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Who are We?

I put up this website in June of 2000, and in the last 13 years, I have met and coached thousands of wonderful singers all over the world.

Even though I didn't have much experience in web design, I had a purpose!!! And that was to reach as many singers, old and young, amateur and professional with the things I knew about the gift of singing! And once I began talking to singers all over the world and helping them to fulfill their dreams...WHATEVER THAT DREAM WAS, we, as a group began to change...ourselves and the world around us.

Life threw us a few curves and detours, but we are BACK with a new purpose and a whole new attitude! You want to sing??? We are here to make sure you get to do just THAT!!

For I truly believe that the reason we have been graced with the gift of singing, is to share it and heal an often broken world. every time we lift our voice in song, whether from a glorious stage, or own own bedroom, somewhere, someone is touched in a positive way.


Who is Chrys?

A  Bio


EDUCATION: Bachelor of Music, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

                     Masters Degree in Vocal Performance, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL


Solo Performer of 50 years

  • Produced and recorded album of standards entitled, "The Lady Can Sing", and 2 albums of original songs.

  • Worked with world class jazz musicians while traveling as a big band vocalist, with the Les and Larry Elgart Orchestra,  the Si Zentner  Orchestra, the Tommy Dorsey Band, Pearl Bailey and Louis Bellson’s Band, and the Harry James Orchestra, from New York City to San Francisco, to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New Orleans, and in just about every small town across the country.

  • Among the notable names of musicians with whom Chrys has shared a stage are,  Tenor Sax player- Doug Lawrence, Trumpet player- Bobby Shew,  Extraordinary Pianist- Barney McClure, PLUS Sammy Nestico, Pete Christlieb, Jeff Castleman,  and a host of other great players.

  • Settled with trombone player-husband in LA and sang as part of a trio called “Three’s Company” in the large hotels

    surrounding Disneyland.

  • Chrys worked in NYC for 5 years with a piano player, Lenny Dell in a jazz duo appearing in clubs all over the Metropolitan area.

  • She's appeared on radio and television variety shows throughout the country, both as the vocalist with various big bands and combo's. Programs included "The Mike Douglas Show", and NBC's "Monitor".

  • She’s sung in clubs like Rodney Dangerfield’s, The Improv, and Basin Street East, in NYC,  the Tropicana in Las Vegas,

       Harrah’s Club in Reno, and The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles.

  • Currently residing in Albuquerque, NM, has formed a jazz trio, “Chrys Page Group” and performing The American Songbook at  various venues throughout the area.

  • Chrys also has a thriving practice as vocal teacher of adults who love to sing!



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"He who lets his breath, hence his life force, flow consentingly as a willing sound sacrifice from the depths of his body, sings his life; for singing means to affirm life, to free oneself, and thereby to bring happiness and prosperity to oneself, and consequently to one's fellow man."  Marius Schneider


This Studio and Site are dedicated to your success with your singing! Here you will develop a personal relationship with us, as we guide you in all of your singing aspirations! So jump right in! Browse around any of our pages to see what we're about, and then join our mailing list to get instant access to a FREE VOICE LESSON!


Read what our Students  have to say about us, and if you have some time, we'd certainly appreciate hearing from you so we can make sure this site is serving all of your vocal needs!  

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  Check here for my local projects and become a part of what we are doing in our town and communities:

Chrys's Sunday Soirees

Starting July 7th, 2013 -  Professional Singers are invited to work on their performances in a safe and friendly environment which consists of their peers here in Albuquerque. We get feedback from each other on which routines are most workable and which songs to sing in our act. All Singers are welcome to the soiree, which will be held every 3 weeks starting July 7. Mark your calendars! (Small fee if you are singing- free to guests)

Finishing up the 6th ebook packed with articles on performing, techniques, how to choose audition winners,  and much more...Due date on this book is October, 2013.

Vocal workshops open to singers of all levels. Beginning, intermediate and advanced students of voice gather together for vocal instruction, stage presence, attitude, song choice, and a host of other related subjects. Classes are held on Monday evenings in my studio, maximum of 8 students per class. (Fee)

Online gatherings using Google Hangout, Skype meetings, etc.

If you are shy and wish an online lesson but do not live in the area, Skype is your answer. All you need is webcam and a microphone. My clients tell me this method is just the same as having me in the room. Try it! email Chrys


Have Keyboard will Travel

I am on the road again with my keyboard and a few of my students and friends to entertain at Senior Centers, Retirement Communities, Assisted Living residences, Country Clubs, Museums, Parks, City Events...anywhere music will enhance. If you would like to join me, you are welcome to audition for me and take part in our Traveling Troubadour Program. Email me


So, browse around and check out all of the resources and help we offer here at Sing Your Life. Then join singers all over the world who are working hard to advance their singing dreams AND are keeping this site free from sponsors! We have stayed on the Web for over 12 years with support from SINGERS ONLY!

All genres, all ethnicities and levels of expertise from complete novice to professional working entertainer have found our unique method of delivering our products to be totally personal and exceptional!

Utilizing our services and products is like having us right beside you along the path of discovering the voice you have inside you! And trust me, Singers, even professional performers can re-discover their own voice. For example, if a singer has lost his voice somewhere along the line and is now in his/her maturing years and wants it BACK, I can help!!  

Sing Your Life specializes in finding lost voices and we serve these people, who show us miracles every day!

At an age where most people would be thinking it's kinda crazy to be studying singing, here are 70 and 80 year-olds breathing deeply and emitting their "sound sacrifice" to the universe!  Or 12 year old little girls who secretly and ever so quietly sing in their bedrooms to the mirror when they don't think anyone's around who can hear them, suddenly will find their voice and assert it for the first time....It's amazing to witness this... So, when we invite you to join our "family" of singers, we are not kidding around! We take it very seriously! We commit ourselves to your success, not just materially, but mentally and emotionally, whatever "success" means to you.



  Click HERE to have a look at our "Tools of the Trade Page", for everything you need to be a pro! And if you're already a professional and need music, Sing Your Life is your ONE STOP Station! We can provide you with BACKING TRACKS, MIDI's, and Lead Sheets of your favorite songs.

If you are interested in learning about our method and philosophy, we invite you our BLOG SITE...OR GO HERE

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AND IF YOU'RE LOCAL, (Here in Albuquerque, NM), catch me with my new Jazz trio, the "Chrys Page Trio" featuring some wonderful world class musicians, Micky Patten on Bass and Al De Marco on guitar, We appear at a variety of venues all around the Albuquerque area.  

Back in the 60's I sang with my first trio at THE GRAND HOTEL in Anaheim, California.

The above shot of me with my trio called,

"Three's Company", long before the TV sit-com, Ha Ha! The gentleman at the piano my friend and seriously brilliant Jazz pianist, Barney McClure, whose Bill Evans-style of playing gave me an early appreciation of musical theory, chords, voicings, etc. Every singer should know some music theory, especially, the keys he or she sings in, and the form and structure of a song. It commands respect from your fellow musicians when you know the music you are performing.


This is a pic of the Cabaret Troupe, "Upstaged" which I developed to showcase the talents of some of my local clients.

I maintain a deep fondness and gratitude to everyone involved with the formation and development of this group, and have rejoined UpStaged to continue my mission of introducing singing as an individual and collaborative expression, and NOT merely as a competitive sport. We are moving forward and conquering new worlds. (See above for our new projects)




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Chrys Page trio schedule

Check below for our calendar of events for the months coming up.>

June 14th -  Pappadeaux

June 15th - Blades Bistro

July 11th - St Claire's Winery and Bistro

August 2nd - Pappadeaux

August 4th - North 4th Street Theater 

August 8th - St Claire's Winery and Bistro

September 12th - St Claire's Winery and Bistro

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